Friday, June 3, 2011

Update 06/03/11

I've put the latest (final?) version of the book at

The conclusion I came to is that there are three timescales that aer possible: a one year timescale would require an armed revolution in the US, on the line of Sinclair Lewis' "It Can't Happen Here". What Lewis described was a counter-revolution, and the Rightists don't need to take over because they've already dome that. The left isn't ready to do anything about that because its most influential leaders are part of the elite and like things the way they are. Forget about the one-year time scale.

The ten year time scale would involve creating a third party that would combine the far left and Tea Party factions to form a non-elite party against the elite. The elite are too smart to let that happen, or the non-elite are too dumb. I'm not sure.

The one hundred year scale is the scale I've been working in and didn't realize it. I've been looking for reason some seventy five years already so to start now with a hundred year goal isn't unreasonable for a young person. I'm just too old for it. But I can start working on the mechanics of an isocratic religion.

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