Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey! I Think It Moved!

I spent much of this year, 2011, writing and rewriting "the book", which was finally titled "May Day 2011" and is downloadable from Mediafire at [http://mayday.karleklund.net]. I'm finished with that. In essence it tells the story of our evolution from our beginnings as human beings to the crisis before the next evolutionary jump. At the end of the book I suggest that we are going to take one of three possible paths with different timescales: one-to-two years, ten-to-twenty years, and one-hundred-or-so years. The one-to-two years is the revolutionary scale, although that scale is more appropriate for a coup than a revolution. We may actually experience that because the Republicans are trying it now. We'll see if money is more powerful than votes.

The ten-to-twenty year scale is the political one. We have a system based on deception now, where professional politicians of both the Republican and Democratic Parties, combined with other members of the monied elite manipulate the political system to their benefit and to keep the rest of us from enjoying the potential benefits of social evolution. They do this by providing the non-elite with two sets of icons that distract us and cause us to vote in such a way that we cancel each other out. The way we fight this process is that we, the non-elite, form a third party that acts in our interest. That's a difficult process at best, so ten-to-twenty years is highly optimistic.

The one hundred year scale is the religious one. I've already used up the largest part of my hundred years (80% to be exact) so I'm not going to make any serious contributions. I was thinking of constructing another book, but that requires coherent thinking to a reasonable end, and I no longer have the hundred years necessary to do that. But I don't want to get bored, so I'll have to think in that direction.

So I'll use this blog as the mechanism. I'll write litte squibs as they wiggle sluggishly through my mind and post them here. I'll also post additional comments on other people's blogs, and stuff like that. But it will all be with the intent of facilitating our evolution to Utopia.

In other words: " It ain't dead yet!"

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