Friday, January 23, 2009

Are we going to Utopia?

In a sense it may not look like it is Utopia we are going to and, of course, we may lose our way for a while. But the kind of society we have now isn't stable. No society that has the kind of contrast between rich and poor that exists on earth today can remain stable indefinitely. 

We know that we are equal in the eyes of God, so society can't be based on inequality and expect to be stable. It is one thing if we are progressing toward equality in practical terms, where everyone can expect to have the same kind and quality of food, clothing, shelter and healthcare, or, if they don't, that their children or grandchildren will. But if the people who don't have their fair share don't see some kind of progress to equality the system that keeps them behind will collapse.

What the Islamic Jihad has done, if nothing else, is provide an education in guerilla warfare. If the american underclass comes to understand that they are being deliberately kept from the perquisites of equality; and come to understand that they have nothing to gain by being lawful, the Jihadists of the middle east will look like children.

Imagine two million people on the Washington Mall, but with guns.

So Barack Hussein Obama can't simply fix things to go back to the status quo of the spring of 2008. He has to either get us to a stable society that refects our global equality, or, at the very least, get us clearly moving in that direction. Simply recreating an economy in which the middle class gets over their head buying imitations of the status symbols of the elite, while the walls surrounding our Golden Ghetto block out the sight of a global population in abject poverty, will not be enough. 

So while he has to get things comparatively stable again, because it is too hard to be creative in the midst of chaos, the status quo of the turn of the century isn't going to serve as more than a temporary expedient.

And that's why what he does now, whether the economic stimulus is half-a-trillion or two trillion, doesn't matter that much. We have to "change" in a significant way so that or economy does not depend on the middle class buying chachkas. If we don't create an infrastructure which is based on the fact that we are all equal, if it depends, as the current economy does, on social stratification, is won't last long. 

How we are going to do that without a class-based Civil War , I don't know. We could, for instance, have a severely progressive income tax; so that we all have, for all intents and purposes, the same income. But would a legislature of the very rich support such a tax system? And could a legislature of the poor exist without their candidates being buried in the propaganda of the rich?

It is a hopeful sign that "class" in American is not simply based on money. The election of Barack Hussein Obama has made ethnicity irrelevant in that regard. And, as we have seen this last fall wealth measured in money can simply evaporate in a moment.

But a society based on money can't tolerate that kind of fluctuation, so going back to the kind of society we had in 2008 will guarantee the "Decline and Fall of Western Civilization".

So whatever Barack Hussein Obama is going to do over the near future: the kinds of change we will see in order to get us running again is nothing compared to the changes that will be necessary to give our children a stable civilization to live in.

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